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Food Deserts and Retail Gap

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Access to fresh, healthy and affordable food is a problem for many low-income Americans. In some neighborhoods, the closest supermarket could be miles away. Those that don’t have transportation, or are low-income, may only have a local store to shop at, where prices are higher and fresh food is not as easily available. As a […]

COVID-19: Mortgage Risk and More Data Resources

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We started wondering this week about some of the potential impacts if the now substantial unemployment persists after the stay at home orders are lifted. One possible effect is on mortgage defaults, and we created a crude index of risk based on a simple multiplication of three factors – the percent of dwelling units with […]

Business Demographics: Data Sources and Methodology Matter

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A comprehensive site analysis should go beyond residential demographics to include the demographics of the businesses in the area, since for many retailers and most restaurants the employees at local businesses contribute significantly to locational success. For twenty-five years, AGS has worked diligently to provide enhanced business demographics which are detailed, accurate, and timely. To […]

Meet John, Director of Sales

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The AGS team is growing! We are pleased to announce the addition of John Hobson, serving as Director of Sales. John has over 30 years of experience in the data and GIS world. We hope that you enjoy learning more about John. John begin his career in the early 1980’s with industry demographics pioneer Urban […]

Hybrid Weather Risk

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No matter where you live, there is some kind of weather related natural disaster that can affect you and your home. For some of the country, there may actually be more than one weather risk. April typically means spring has arrived, though tell that to those that are still receiving measurable amounts of snow. With […]

COVID-19 Resources

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During these uncertain times, data people do, well, what data people do: look for more data. We gather, collect, and analyze all the data that we can find. It comforts us, and it helps us ask the tough questions. We have been sharing what we can, specifically sharing our new unemployment data, free for download. […]

Panorama: Because location still matters.

Posted by on Apr 9, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

Building on over three decades of experience in the creation and use of geodemographic segmentation systems in both Canada and the United States, Applied Geographic Solutions created a truly location-centric segmentation system, Panorama. Building on and integrating the existing suite of AGS modeling and analytical tools, Panorama creates actionable perspective on an increasingly complex and rapidly churning […]

Unemployment Data Now Available for Download

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A few weeks ago, in a blog post entitled Flattening the Economy, we looked at the likely effects of the COVID-19 shutdown on unemployment in several major cities. In the two weeks since then, those seeking unemployment insurance in the U.S. hit 10 million claims and it is clear that the extended shutdown will have […]

20A Release: MRI Dataset Updates

Posted by on Apr 2, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

The 20A AGS data release, on schedule for the end of the month, will include a full update to the GfK MRI dataset to the latest released survey. As with every release, the content of these variables can change, especially those related to individual brands, stores, or product types. These changes, whether new, modified, or […]

Mapping COVID-19 Risks

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While precise data on the COVID-19 crisis are rather difficult to come by, and are often of rather suspect quality, there are some things that we seem to have learned. The virus is likely considerably more contagious than your typical seasonal flu, with steeply rising mortality rates above age 60 when other health conditions are […]