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Sneak Peek: 5-Year CrimeRisk Projections

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For nearly twenty years, AGS has been creating its CrimeRisk indexes which have proved invaluable to retail location planners, security analysts, and commercial insurance underwriters. The current situation is certainly important, but in many cases analysts can benefit from looking at projected trends. An area could have relatively high crime levels, but that risk may […]

Sneak Peek: Non-Resident Population Estimates

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Tourism plays an important role in the local economy of many areas of the country, and in some areas like Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Orlando, is the dominant driver of economic performance. In mountain ski and desert golf resorts the season is winter dominant while in most beach towns and national parks summer is high […]

Continental Divide Series: Car Buying

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While car sales are down due to the pandemic, most manufactures and dealerships are having sales and promotions to bring in clients, even going as far as making the car buying process completely virtual. Based on the MRI data set, we took a look at car buyers—those that buy a fun car vs. something more […]

Trade Area Benchmarks: Percentiles

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I was a skinny kid. I remember hearing over and over at the pediatrician’s office that for my age I was “in the 10th percentile” for weight and perhaps my parents ought to consider feeding me once in a while. Standardized athletic tests. Same thing. In the 10th percentile for speed, agility, strength, and probably […]

Freeway Drive Time Enhancements: Road Classifications

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For over twenty years, the Freeway drive time system has been an integral component in many of the leading site analytics platforms. Recently, we introduced the new Freeway Global system that expands analysis to the remotest parts of the planet. For those familiar with Freeway in the United States and Canada, you were not forgotten! […]

Climatological Estimates: Details Matter

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Here in southern California, it has always been a source of frustration that bathing suits and shorts seem to disappear off retail shelves long before locals have abandoned the beach for the winter. Automated merchandising can certainly help, but only if the data on which it is based is sufficiently detailed to capture the abrupt […]

Changing Methodology of Crime Reporting

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For twenty years, AGS has relied upon the summary information available in the FBI’s annual UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) data as the basis for our popular CrimeRisk data, which estimates the relative risk for major crimes at the block level. The FBI will be migrating to a new system, NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System) […]

Soccer: An Expanding U.S. Market

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While not as popular in the United States as in other parts of the world, there are pockets of the country that are home to some serious soccer fans. Currently there are 23 U.S. men’s clubs in Major League Soccer, with 4 more teams slated to join the MLS in the next 3 years. There […]