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Median Income

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The median income for households is the point at which one-half of the households have a higher income, and one half a lower income. To be an exact measure, we would need to know the exact incomes of each household in an area. While we do not know this, we utilize the cumulative counts of […]

Snapshot Features: Contextual Trade Areas

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Many of the largest retail operations have long recognized that the likely trade area size of a particular location is highly dependent upon its locational context. For example, a coffee shop is likely to have a much larger trade area in a suburban area than in a central business district. Typically, the context is defined […]

Education can be expensive

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Education is Expensive, Can You Really Afford Machine Learning for Site Selection? Gary Menger, July 2019 The other night, I was watching a 60 Minutes piece on the growing role of Chinese software companies in the AI world. Specifically, the piece was on the growing use of surveillance cameras to identify individuals and their characteristics. […]