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CrimeRisk is a geographically detailed and comprehensive crime assessment database, widely used and trusted by thousands of companies for nearly twenty years. Using advanced statistical methodologies and a rolling seven-year database of FBI and local agency statistics, CrimeRisk provides a highly accurate view of the relative risk of specific crime types for any geographic area including Census blocks. It is not a database of crime occurrence, but rather, the relative risk of any location compared to the United States in entirety.

CrimeRisk is updated on an annual basis in conjunction with updates to the AGS estimates and projections data to include the latest national, state, and metropolitan area level trends which are incorporated into the many separate statistical models which are used to build the results.

The results are published as independent based indexes. The national baseline is 20 out of 100. A rating of 100 means that the ZIP code has the highest amount of crime nationally. A rating of 1 means it has the least. CrimeRisk indexes are available for each of the standard FBI UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) classification –

1-100 scale CrimeRisk explanation:

0-5 Very Low Risk
6-15 Low Risk
16-30 Average Risk
30-50 Slightly Elevated Risk
50-70 Elevated Risk
70-90 High Risk
90-100 Very High Risk

Total Crime

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 CrimeRisk is a mission-critical component in the analyses of companies in many different industries.

  • Insurance companies extensively use CrimeRisk in their actuarial models to aid in underwriting.
  • Banks use CrimeRisk to assess possible lending risks in both commercial and residential property loans, and in some cases, on loans to particular businesses.
  • Retailers rely on CrimeRisk in their site selection protocols, and to determine the expected security needs of both new and established store fronts.
  • Real estate brokers and agents often provide CrimeRisk indexes to property buyers as a significant value add to their services.

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