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Analytics in the Trenches

Posted by on Sep 17, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

“There are two things that you should never see being made, sausage and demographics” — Jim Stone, Geovue, 1998. Today we tour the sausage factory, at least as it relates to our recent foray into weekly small area unemployment estimates. Typically, our models are run twice a year and rely on sources which at least […]

Data Focus: Ancestry

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Among the many current-year estimates we build from the American Community Survey and decennial Census is ancestry. The ACS asks the question in the following manner – “What is this person’s ancestry or ethnic origin? (For example: Italian, Jamaican, African American, Cambodian, Cape Verdean, Norweigan, Dominican, French Canadian, Haitian, Korean, Lebanese, Polish, Nigerian, and so […]

Unemployment Models At Six Months

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For at least a decade, the AGS labor force models have been fairly stable in terms of data sources and techniques, using a combination of the annual American Community Survey (ACS) block group data and the monthly unemployment updates for states and large metropolitan areas from the Current Population Survey (CPS). For most uses, a […]

Data Focus: Year Structure Built

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Among the many housing related variables in the AGS library, the year structure built table almost always appears on multi-page demographic reports and is an integral component of analysis in insurance and home repair. Many home repair services are based on franchise areas which should take into consideration the age distribution of the housing units. […]

A Field Guide to the Canis Notitia

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Are you a data hound? This is not something you can easily fake. You are or you ain’t. And with just one simple question, I can tell if you are. Don’t you just love the smell of fresh data in the morning?  If you have a bewildered look on your face or find the question […]

Changing Income Patterns in Urban Areas

Posted by on Sep 3, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

In the pre-automobile era, the pattern in most cities in the western world was quite similar – the wealthier you were, the closer to downtown you lived. In the twentieth century, the automobile made it possible for wealthy families to move far away from downtown and still enjoy the economic and cultural benefits of the […]

Vaccines in America: Acceptance and Skeptics

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Over the last few years, vaccines have become more and more controversial across the U.S. On the verge of a new vaccine for COVID-19, we looked at those that are most likely to go out and get a new vaccine, and those that are more skeptical. For the data, we looked at the MRI Doublebase […]

Do Tornadoes Prefer Mobile Homes?

Posted by on Aug 27, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

Tornadoes are a dreaded natural disaster across much of the south and Midwest. There are lots of thoughts about where they strike, including urban myths that tornadoes avoid big cities, but often hit mobile homes. But are these true? It seems like tornadoes avoid big cities, and specifically the downtown areas. While large cities have […]

Sneak Peek: Wildfire Risk

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Wildfires are an annual major risk in most areas of the western United States, and while large fires often burn in the rugged and generally unpopulated mountainous areas, the combination of dry conditions, heat, and winds can often lead to major disasters along what is known as the wildland-urban interface. There are hundreds of fires […]

Private vs. Public School Attendance

Posted by on Aug 20, 2020 in Blog | No Comments

While this year looks different, and many children will be doing school via zoom or other virtual technology, back to school season is here. We are inundated with advertisements for #2 pencils and sneakers to send our kids back to school with everything they need. Sending your children to public school or private school is […]