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New Freeway Features: We’ve Gone International

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For nearly twenty-five years, Freeway has been the drive time engine of choice for trade area delineation and retail sales forecasting models. The first and best engine has been reworked and expanded to include a range of new features including: Global coverage: any location, anywhere, within a single database structure based on the latest OSM […]

Meet our Data Science Team

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  With more than 5 decades combined experience, our data science team is the brains behind all that we do at AGS. Gary Menger As a young boy, Gary had a love for maps of all kinds, and it was understood even by early high school that he was going to be a professor of […]

The Continental Divide: A Map Series

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The Continental Divide: A Map Series

Data can tell us all kinds of things: household information, employment, product consumption, lifestyle preferences, crime data and more. When we combine raw data with products like Panorama or Demographic Dimensions, patterns emerge. In our new map series, the Continental Divide, we look at maps showing regional differences in behaviors. Today we examine the parts […]

Introducing Snapshot-Data Delivery Done Right

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We at AGS are delighted to announce the availability of Snapshot, an API interface which delivers data on demand for use in a wide range of analytics applications. The initial data library includes five thousand of the most used AGS variables accessed easily with variable lists and report templates. The main features of Snapshot include […]

Estimates and Projections: The Basics

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The core database that Applied Geographic Solutions creates is an extensive array of current year estimates and five-year projections which are then used to drive most of our databases from consumer expenditures to Panorama, CrimeRisk and Healthcounts. Quality current demographic estimates are key to the success of the analyses that thousands of companies use daily […]

The Meaning of Place

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In thinking about the “A Tale of Two Cities” article on the home cities of the two Super Bowl teams, the question naturally arises: What do we mean by ‘San Francisco’ and ‘Kansas City’? As always, the answer to a seemingly simple question is rarely simple. Are the San Francisco 49’ers really even a San […]

A Tale of Two Cities: Super Bowl Edition

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The discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in 1848 was one of the pivotal events that reshaped the American landscape and began the link between two cities. As the gateway to the west, the Kansas City area was pivotal in the westward trek of hundreds of thousands of fortune seekers headed west from the trailhead […]

Welcome to Profile, by AGS.

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Profile, a weekly newsletter that we hope you will find interesting, educational, and on occasion amusing as we explore the richness of applied geography expressed through maps, data, analytic techniques, apps, and case studies. Nearly twenty-five years have passed since Applied Geographic Solutions released its first two products – […]

Education can be expensive

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Education is Expensive, Can You Really Afford Machine Learning for Site Selection? Gary Menger, July 2019 The other night, I was watching a 60 Minutes piece on the growing role of Chinese software companies in the AI world. Specifically, the piece was on the growing use of surveillance cameras to identify individuals and their characteristics. […]

Household Data: A Heretical View

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At the heart of geodemographic analysis lies the once revolutionary but now mundane site report – a simple aggregation of geographic data within a predefined geometric or arbitrary shape – a radius, a drive time, or perhaps a ZIP code polygon.  Simple, but it serves in one way or another as the basis for most […]