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Welcome MapPoint users.

Microsoft® MapPoint® is business mapping software that combines powerful mapping and analysis tools with the simplicity of Microsoft Office. Designed for everyday business use, MapPoint allows users to easily locate and illustrate points on maps, integrate maps into Microsoft Office documents, and quickly identify business trends on a map, with either the user’s own data or up-to-date, detailed AGS demographic information. For more information about MapPoint, please visit the official product Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/mappoint/default.mspx

AGS’ innovative approach was conceived by a true industry pioneer. AGS’ president Gary Menger was among the first in a handful of researchers in North America to apply scientific methodologies to market data. Today he is providing the industry’s highest quality, most reliable, and most cost-effective data to the marketplace through a nationwide network of application and consulting Partners. It is through this network of AGS Reseller Partners that AGS data is sold to end users.

AGS’ complete suite of data products are available for use within MapPoint. Click here for a data catalog of available data.

If you have additional questions or would like to order data, please email us at mappoint@appliedgeographic.com