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Congratulations on signing up for your free SnapSite Online Census Reports from AGS. We hope you gain valuable insight from the reports about the markets you’re researching.

To access your free reports, click here: www.snapsiteonline.sitesusa.com

Instructions to run reports:

  • No login required
  • Type in and select a U.S. address in the “Search Location” box
  • Select “Census Summary Report” in the “Select Report” box
  • Next, choose your Radius Ring search preferences (Note: You can use the pre-set Radius Ring options, or customize them. You can use one to four Radius Rings per report.):

1.      Use the default setting, which is pre-set to create a report with three Radius Rings at 1, 3, and 5 miles

2.      Choose only one or two of the pre-set ring options by de-selecting the others

3.      Add a fourth ring of 10 miles by highlighting the check box

4.      Customize your Radius Ring mileage by replacing the 1, 3, 5, or 10 to your desired number of miles

OR choose a standard geography by:

  • Deselecting the gray checkboxes for Radius Rings
  • Highlight the checkbox for “Select Geography”
  • Choose your desired geography from the drop-down menu — City, County, ZIP, MSA, or State
  • Press the PDF button to create your report — it will download automatically

To access user support, email us here: support@appliedgeographic.com

Explore Additional Database Options

If you need additional market data to conduct more advanced market analysis that helps you better understand your markets, consider these two options:

1. Get paid subscriptions to SnapSite Online for complete access to U.S. CrimeRisk Reports and U.S. Health Care Data. Email us here: sales@appliedgeographic.com

2. Get access to AGS’s 16 datasets available through our resellers. Click here

If you have any questions about AGS’s wide range of high-quality geographically referenced data, call us toll-free at 1-877-944-4AGS.

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The AGS Team

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